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Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day is a BIG DEAL in Kampala.  Although its not a national holiday, you’d hardly know that by the content of the local newspapers, the crush of flowers at the grocery store and the special events planned at every hotel, restaurant and bar.  Music will be really loud tonight as the party flavor of the city is out in all of its glory.

We went out to dinner with friends a couple of nights ago at a high-end Italian restaurant.  They already had brought in a grand piano and were flying in an opera singer from Italy to entertain the crowd that had made reservations weeks ago just for tonight!

We are pretty low-key about all the festivities – I mean, this morning, Scott drove about an hour out of town to a prison his team is starting to work in.  He’ll be there with them for the day.  It’s hot, dusty, with no A/C and training new attorneys.  He loves it but when he returns later today – the drive will likely be at least 2 hours with lots of bumps and potholes. 

When he arrives home – the idea of kicking his heels up for an overpriced meal and the warbles of the Italian Opera singer aren’t likely enticing him back out into the evening. 

Thankfully, we have left-over Indian food and our lovely friends from the U.S., Kelly and Bob Sampson, visiting for a few days. 

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