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Come One, Kampala



We're a crazy couple known to our friends as Scott and Sally Leist.  Married 26 years, we have two amazing daughters who have sent us off on the next season of life.  We raised our family in the Seattle, Washington area. After taking our girls, Maggie and Anna, to Kenya for a year in 2008/9 with International Justice Mission, they have now encouraged us to embrace what God has next. January, 2021, in the midst of  a global pandemic we moved to Kampala, Uganda for an opportunity to consult with the Pepperdine University Sudreau Global Justice Initiative.  We will be living in two places as our work in Seattle continues.  We want to share the journey with you.  We have much to learn and invite you to be encouraged to find joy and hope in the midst of the chaos in our world today.


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Divine Collision by Jim Gash. The Pepperdine Sudreau Global Justice Initiative sprang from seeds planted by Bob Goff and folks at the Pepperdine Law School. It has developed over the past 10 years.  Pepperdine's current president, Jim Gash, met Henry in an Ugandan prison and their friendship changed everything - for both of them.  And for scores of others in Ugandan prisons.  Click on Divine Collision  to order your copy.

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