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Big Week Ahead

1.Us 2. Uganda staff attorney explaining to 8 defendents who fished with the wrong kind of net that they would be released for "time served" that day (last March Prison Project), 3. Next week we'll be at the largest prison in Uganda - at the top of the hill we see from our apartment.

Without the encouragement of folks like you, we couldn’t be in Uganda doing the work set before us.  This afternoon, I received a text from a Seattle friend who is part of a circle of women who have been faithfully praying for us.  I responded to her request with the confidence that she wanted to pray specifically.  But then I also realized that we could ask you to join them in this big request. 

Next week is our annual March Prison Project.  30 lawyers and law students will come from the US.  20 Ugandan law students will also join us.  The potential for justice to be served for hundreds of prisoners is significant.  This is the biggest Pepperdine Prison Project ever.

Please join us …..

“Would covet your prayers for the next 11 days.  We are welcoming a HUGE group from the US to work with a HUGE group of Ugandans in the largest prison in Uganda.  There are many issues trying to get in the way…distractions, illness, people making difficult demands ... just so much trying to take our eyes off the amazing work that could happen next Monday – Thursday in the prison.  Please pray that we’ll stay focused and that hundreds of cases will be resolved to get prisoners back to their families and villages.  Pray for us too …. we’re weary … but we know that miracles are just around the corner.”

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Michelle C.
Michelle C.
28 de fev.

The calendar is marked!! Can't wait to hear the stories of all God has done.

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